Monday, March 5, 2007

Ali's white kandoora

Now that I have already written about Jamal's black hat, I have to tell something about Ali's kandoora and turban. Soon you can expect a mini-report on Abu Dhabi from my part. I was amazed at everything that was happening there. I was able to take a look at the scale-model of the new exhibition and congress city (ADNEC). It's not a convention palace but a city for conventions and exhibitions. And what to say about the Middle Eastern version of the Louvre that is being built there? Someone has made me discover this wonderland, his full name is Ali A. Al Saloom and he is the MICE Development Officer of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. He is a lively promoter of his country and its inhabitants. A wonderful guide to listen to. By the way, whoever thinks that all kandooras are white, is wrong. Ali can tell about the Muslim culture, clothing, food, religion and people in an inspirational manner. He is member of the international guide association as well, although I'm not familiar with that association. It is my wish to attend the next international convention together with Ali where I would make a plea in favour of creating specialised Meeting Guides! Ali, where does the next convention take place?

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Ali said...

Alsalaam Alaikom Brother Marcel,

Warm Greetings from the Empty Quarter Land to you Sir.

While reading your Blog I felt a positive energy that started to spreads out from the reading experience so I’m really thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be invited here and at the same time to be part of your stories and memories.
Thank you for your comments & sharing the passion toward my country and its culture as well:)

The Middle East in General is a place where people must come to visit and not read or watch the TV to know about it…How can you experience Silence if you don’t visit the Desert of the Empty Quarter where the largest Sand Dunes in the world located, how can you understand Islam if you don’t hear the real sound of the Praying, The “Caller”, a reminder of the praying time and mingle with the Muslims while their getting ready to go to the mosque and pray, how can you figure out why some women covers and others don’t and why is it that Arab Men wear Black robe on their head???

All of these “Questions” can be answered via an article, book or a word of mouth method however the only way to get the answer naturally and experience it is by visiting and live these actions so you have a full understanding of our Middle Eastern & Islamic Culture and Traditions.

UAE is a homeland for over 200 nationalities therefore, visiting us and/or living here well will make you feel home right away along with some flavor of our Arabic traditions and Heritage. So welcome to UAE anytime and I’ll be your Guide:)

“Hayakom Allah” = “God Welcomes you” or “God Greets you to us”

Thank you brother Marcel,

“Shukran Jazilan” = Thank you very much

@li - The Guide